Weld-On to Launch New Solvent Cement 750 HOTWELD™

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Weld-On® to Launch New Solvent Cement 750 HOTWELD™

IPS® will no longer be the manufacturer of Red Hot Blue Glue® for Christy’s™

750 HotWeld™
Now Available!

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Gardena, Calif. – December 3, 2010 - IPS® Corporation, the inventor of solvent cements, primers and cleaners for PVC, CPVC, and ABS piping systems, announces the availability of Weld-On® 750 HOTWELD™. Previously marketed by Christy’s™ as Red Hot Blue Glue®, Weld-On 750 is the same all-weather, wet or dry, PVC solvent cement that professional contractors, fitting manufacturers, spa manufacturers and repair professionals have trusted for over 20 years.

Weld-On 750 is a medium bodied, fast setting PVC solvent cement with superior long-term performance that is excellent for use in challenging conditions including wet, damp or cold applications. In addition, Weld-On 750 is a one-step, Low-VOC formulation that complies with LEED requirements.

“IPS came to this decision to market Weld-On 750 after being informed by Christy’s that they would be developing and manufacturing their own solvent cements,” said Eric Bescoby, Chief Executive Officer of IPS Corp. “Weld-On 750 is a natural extension to the Weld-On product line, and we’re excited to offer this product directly to our customers under its new name.”

Shipments of Weld-On 750 will begin in January. Please contact your Weld-On Representative or Distributor for more information.

About IPS Corporation
IPS Corporation is the trusted leader in manufacturing adhesives, solvent cements, and numerous components and supplies for the plumbing, construction and plastic fabrication industries. IPS Corporation’s products are sold under a number of highly regarded brand names, including Weld-On®, Water-Tite, Test-Tite®, Studor®, Truebro® and Guy Gray™. More information can be found at www.ipscorp.com.


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